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  • hardie karges 12:15 pm on October 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Russian to Keep Up in Syria: Follow the Money… 

    Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin

    Okay, so here’s a theory that has yet to make the rounds: maybe the Russians are on the at-t-tack in the Mideast to drive up the price of oil. Now we all know:

    1) the price of West Texas crude stands at about $45/barrel, and Brent is not much higher. That’s down from over $100 in less than a year, with no increase on the horizon, UNLESS (cue drum roll), unless the supply situation becomes uncertain…

    2) oil producers are not known for their br*$$ b*lls, and their lackeys on Wall Street even less, so the slightest disruption can have a psychological impact many times the actual damage…

    3) Russia is in a tight spot, given their dependence on oil income and their current expansionist designs, aka ‘male enhancement’…

    Do the math.  Don’t be surprised if Russia hits some ISIL-controlled oil wells and’or refineries, something the West is not known for doing in this conflict, though a few bombs could shut oil production down quickly… SOMETHING THE WEST HAS NOT DONE, I reiterate…

    More questions: Just why are we fighting this war anyway, for oil or money?  Hell of a choice…

  • hardie karges 5:55 pm on May 15, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Mushrooms are the forbidden fruit; oil is the forbidden meat. The Russians claim that oil is a renewable resource, constantly replenishing itself from below. If you go deep enough anywhere, you’ll eventually find it. That may be wishful thinking. Nevertheless, time is the crucial factor. Anything is renewable if you wait long enough, just as anything is depletable if you use it fast enough. The genie is out of the bottle and won’t go back in without some major coaxing. There’s no wishing for an earlier time without oil when everything was peaceful and simple and pristine. The air and water may have been cleaner, true, but human hearts were certainly no more gracious. The past is a pool of blood, ready to trap the unwary in its web of deceit. The present is a pool of oil, purchasing peace and happiness on the installment plan, buying time with the accumulated wealth of centuries. If there’s nothing there to substitute for oil when it gets scarce, will people kill themselves? Is there something like a methadone maintenance plan for oil junkies? Will a downward spiral into Dark Ages ensue? It’s probably a good time for a new Messiah; nothing heals like religion.

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    Al Qaeda may have saved us all when they invaded our playground, took our toys, and used them to bloody our noses. They didn’t intend to save us at all, of course, any more than native Africans ever intended to protect wild species, but the end result may be the same. Whatever humans may do in their history, the Earth will survive, and so will Life, I feel sure. It is the human race itself that is most at stake. Nature’s most precious and precocious creation likes to play with fire, and that’s dangerous. When we create nuclear bombs and splice genes, the genie is out of the bottle, and may not go back in. If the human race goes extinct, it won’t ever come back. By the same token, if culture degenerates, it may never come back either. When western culture degenerated previously in the Dark Ages, there were others to pick up the slack and make it their own. This time around, the stakes are much higher and the world much more integrated. Frankly, I’ll be glad when all the oil is gone and we can get on with our lives either with something else or nothing at all. Oil is bad politics, reminiscent of the lust for gold five hundred years ago, reminiscent of the lust for lust that we struggle with every day. Maybe we should just slow things down a bit and see if our lives aren’t just as good at a slower speed. Unfortunately we can’t ask others to accept a status quo which leaves them at a permanent disadvantage. I guess we’re on this roller coaster until some unseen hand decides to put on the brakes. At least maybe we could agree to stop molecular biology short of cloning. After all, everybody likes sex, right?

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    Politics loves a vacuum; it sucks. Politics sucks in the best and the brightest and turns them into utter fools. No less than Einstein himself dedicated a large portion of his life to political activism, only to have it come to no avail, his best theories used for military ends, he himself advocating its use for one side’s advantage over the other. How do you know who the bad guys are anyway? Democracy may win by default, simply the best of bad systems. Let the law of large numbers rule, and everything should average out okay, safer than the eccentricities of dictators. But when governments start fighting over who gets to pump the gas, then you know something’s wrong. The struggle for power has always been about power. More and more these days that means, “oil”. The party’s over; now we gotta’ start paying for it, through the hose, through the nose. That’s the price we paid to win the cold war- we had to cut everybody else in on the deal. Now they want oil as much or more than we do. China and India have got some catching up to do, and they’re jamming on it. What happened to the days when government promised to create a perfect world for us, rather than just guard the pumps? I’m not complaining, mind you; I know we’ve never had it so good, but many are falling through the cracks of a world they can’t fathom.

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    The oil crisis deepens as the price of oil climbs to record highs, now topping $100 a barrel for the first time in history. People aren’t jumping out of windows yet, but they might soon. Of course, others are jumping for joy. Jihad grows fast in oil, biting the hand that feeds it; that we know for sure. So does conspiracy, also biting the hand that feeds it. Oil is the anti-hero of a thousand faces. Like a good whore, it can be whatever you want it to be. 90% octane flows through the nation’s arteries like junk flowing through the morning news. The Black Speed is a hard habit to break and invariably leads to the hard stuff, guns and money. Even if you can kick it, you can’t forget it- the smell, the taste, the iridescent wet spot in the driveway. The withdrawal symptoms will be difficult. Witness the phantom orgasm of Saturday night red-light racers trying to shift the gears of a car that no longer exists. It’ll take a phased withdrawal, peace with honor, retroactive logic to convince ourselves that we like riding the bike instead.

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    Capitalism’s moment of glory barely lasted ten years. Without Communism to keep it honest, capitalism no longer is. The rip-roaring leveraged-buyout corporate-raiding inside-trading era of 1980’s American capitalism only subsided when the more creative Internet era of computing rose to dominance. But by then it was too late. The capitalists had shown their colors too often and made too many deals with too many devils. The colors were the black of oil and the green of money and the devils were too many corrupt leaders of too many corrupt regimes, increasingly those in control of major oil-producing countries. As with yin, so with yang, the seed of one is in the other, the universal law of retribution. The West’s refusal to embrace energy technologies other than oil has funneled money into the hands of Muslim fundamentalists with oil-derived wealth. Islamic fundamentalism is not likely to subside until their oil-derived wealth subsides. If they move us all back into the 14th century in the process, well so be it. That was a golden age for Islam.

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