Politics loves a vacuum; it sucks. Politics sucks in the best and the brightest and turns them into utter fools. No less than Einstein himself dedicated a large portion of his life to political activism, only to have it come to no avail, his best theories used for military ends, he himself advocating its use for one side’s advantage over the other. How do you know who the bad guys are anyway? Democracy may win by default, simply the best of bad systems. Let the law of large numbers rule, and everything should average out okay, safer than the eccentricities of dictators. But when governments start fighting over who gets to pump the gas, then you know something’s wrong. The struggle for power has always been about power. More and more these days that means, “oil”. The party’s over; now we gotta’ start paying for it, through the hose, through the nose. That’s the price we paid to win the cold war- we had to cut everybody else in on the deal. Now they want oil as much or more than we do. China and India have got some catching up to do, and they’re jamming on it. What happened to the days when government promised to create a perfect world for us, rather than just guard the pumps? I’m not complaining, mind you; I know we’ve never had it so good, but many are falling through the cracks of a world they can’t fathom.