The oil crisis deepens as the price of oil climbs to record highs, now topping $100 a barrel for the first time in history. People aren’t jumping out of windows yet, but they might soon. Of course, others are jumping for joy. Jihad grows fast in oil, biting the hand that feeds it; that we know for sure. So does conspiracy, also biting the hand that feeds it. Oil is the anti-hero of a thousand faces. Like a good whore, it can be whatever you want it to be. 90% octane flows through the nation’s arteries like junk flowing through the morning news. The Black Speed is a hard habit to break and invariably leads to the hard stuff, guns and money. Even if you can kick it, you can’t forget it- the smell, the taste, the iridescent wet spot in the driveway. The withdrawal symptoms will be difficult. Witness the phantom orgasm of Saturday night red-light racers trying to shift the gears of a car that no longer exists. It’ll take a phased withdrawal, peace with honor, retroactive logic to convince ourselves that we like riding the bike instead.