In a nod to Communism, maybe the government should sponsor model villages just in case somebody isn’t sure if they’re ready for the dog-eat-dog world or not yet. The villages would have to be at least self-sufficient, but totally top-sponsored so that the really lame don’t have to make big decisions or otherwise take an active interest in their own lives. I think this idea could really fly. If it’s truly self-sufficient, then the government could stay out of it totally. It could operate under the principles of free enterprise, producing a product for sale to the “outsiders”, while members worked and lived in close proximity to themselves and their work. It would be like a company town with a company store, except with a conscience. Members would be like employees, except motivated. It would be like a commune, except competent, and successful. It would be like communism, except voluntary. The problems are the problems of human nature itself- greed, envy, selfishness, and especially, boredom.