Capitalism’s moment of glory barely lasted ten years. Without Communism to keep it honest, capitalism no longer is. The rip-roaring leveraged-buyout corporate-raiding inside-trading era of 1980’s American capitalism only subsided when the more creative Internet era of computing rose to dominance. But by then it was too late. The capitalists had shown their colors too often and made too many deals with too many devils. The colors were the black of oil and the green of money and the devils were too many corrupt leaders of too many corrupt regimes, increasingly those in control of major oil-producing countries. As with yin, so with yang, the seed of one is in the other, the universal law of retribution. The West’s refusal to embrace energy technologies other than oil has funneled money into the hands of Muslim fundamentalists with oil-derived wealth. Islamic fundamentalism is not likely to subside until their oil-derived wealth subsides. If they move us all back into the 14th century in the process, well so be it. That was a golden age for Islam.