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  • hardie karges 12:15 pm on October 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Russian to Keep Up in Syria: Follow the Money… 

    Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin

    Okay, so here’s a theory that has yet to make the rounds: maybe the Russians are on the at-t-tack in the Mideast to drive up the price of oil. Now we all know:

    1) the price of West Texas crude stands at about $45/barrel, and Brent is not much higher. That’s down from over $100 in less than a year, with no increase on the horizon, UNLESS (cue drum roll), unless the supply situation becomes uncertain…

    2) oil producers are not known for their br*$$ b*lls, and their lackeys on Wall Street even less, so the slightest disruption can have a psychological impact many times the actual damage…

    3) Russia is in a tight spot, given their dependence on oil income and their current expansionist designs, aka ‘male enhancement’…

    Do the math.  Don’t be surprised if Russia hits some ISIL-controlled oil wells and’or refineries, something the West is not known for doing in this conflict, though a few bombs could shut oil production down quickly… SOMETHING THE WEST HAS NOT DONE, I reiterate…

    More questions: Just why are we fighting this war anyway, for oil or money?  Hell of a choice…

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    Putin’s Gambit, Syria’s Gamble… 

    Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin

    I don’t know why the US is harassing Russia and neighboring states about Russia’s entry into the Syrian conflict. In fact, I’d say they should be welcomed as potential saviors, if not suitors.

    That means that not only can we America GTF outta’ there, but they might even come up with a reasonable solution, albeit with Assad’s chinless presence still presiding over the former and current war zone. Do you prefer ISIL?

    Those are the two options, and Russia’s sponsorship of Assad means that we don’t have to do it, thus saving face…

    But Russia is neither as altruistic nor as sneaky as it might sound. Look at the map. The Russian border is closer to Syria than Istanbul. If there’s one thing that Russia doesn’t want in their Caucasus region, it’s a half-million Muslims with nothing to do. Remember Dagestan? Do the math…

  • hardie karges 1:26 pm on July 19, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Cold War, Warm Planet: Back in the USSR 

    Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin

    Josef Stalin

    Josef Stalin

    It has not been a good year for Malaysian Airlines. I’m wishing now I’d sold my stock. First there was the long-lost flight MH370, at the bottom of the ocean now somewhere, and now this, cold-blooded aer-o-plane-o-cide in Ukraine. Where have we gone wrong, that the world has come to this?

    This is not a case of war, or even terror. It is a case of stupidity. Give a monkey a machine and this is what you get. They will drive the car right off the cliff. They will shoot airplanes out of the sky. And they will frack every last bit of oil out of the very bedrock of the earth, just to power those machines.

    Of course this ill-fated flight MH17 has much more in common with KL007, the Korean Airlines flight that was shot down near Sakhalin Island in 1983 in what was then the USSR. But that was then. This is now. That was the USSR, known for its Commie paranoia. This is Russia, supposedly a prime player in the second-tier BRIC level of emerging capitalist movers and shakers. What gives? Does paranoia run in the DNA? Stupidity does.

    We’re all monkeys in this machine, and we all bear some responsibility. Those flights could be on detour around the war zone; but that would cost an extra dollar, wouldn’t it? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    But war is the least of my worries, really. People are killing each other probably less than ever, in outright warfare, at least, that is. The Old Testament is nothing but ethnic cleansing. Sound familiar?

    I’m more worried about the environment, where the connection between cause and effect is much more abstract and indirect, where the effects are spread over a much longer time and much wider territory, where the culprit must be hypothesized from reams of facts and figures gleaned from data collected over the last century over the entire planet. Who will sift through the wreckage from total environmental disaster?

  • hardie karges 7:04 am on April 5, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Things are too crazy now. After two or three generations of institutionalized repression in Eastern Europe with pretensions to world domination, Communism has fallen flat on its ass with hardly a moment to spare. Though the reasons for the sudden collapse are complex and varied, I suspect more than a little thanks should go to Japan, who flooded the world with cheap VCR’s and other communication devices that made Berlin Walls seem not only outmoded and irrelevant, but incapable of hiding anything. More than that, they also showed that the for-members-only club of industrialized nations was not only not exclusive, but was not limited to European countries and their immigrant offspring. Leave it to capitalism to overcome racism, doing what religion not only had never accomplished, but which had frequently instigated. This mitigated the USSR’s attraction as the model of development for third-world countries. Of course the USSR was largely European itself, so its lag behind the West’s, and now Asia’s, leaders was particularly ironic. Forged in the pan-Slavism of the 19th century, the USSR is perhaps best seen as a noble experiment at that, despite its ineptitude as a world leader.

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