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    Religion 221: Less is More, Time for New Paradigms… 


    Christian church in Ethiopia

    If the Renaissance man was our hero of the 1500’s and the scientist our hero of the 1600’s, then Enlightened Man was the paradigm for the West in the 1700’s and the entrepreneur was the paradigm in the 1800’s. But then the paradigm in the later 1900’s took a dive and our new culture hero was the wild man, the playboy, the gangster, the rogue, the drug addict, the bad boy, the bad girl, the streetwalker, you get the idea: so what is the paradigm of the 2000’s? The hacker, maybe, or a terrorist? Sounds grim…

    Or maybe it’ll be a ‘gender-fluid’ ‘metro-sexual’, born and bred to do the exact opposite: never bear nor breed. Such dirty work is better left to specialized breeders and the truly old-fashioned who know how to do little else. LGBTQA’s have better things to do with their specialized hardware, especially now that non-traditional marriage has largely withstood court challenges. Now nothing is prohibited. That might help ease population pressures… (More …)

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    Religion 491: Revelations Now… 

    You know, Billy: we blew it.”–Wyatt (Captain America) to Billy in the movie ‘Easy Rider’, c.1969

    You had one job”– popular ‘post’ on a popular ‘social media’ site in the pre-Collapse Late Anthropocentric Age, called ‘The Book of Faces’. Archaeologists and anthropologists are still trying to determine its significance.

    IMG_1559Those words from ‘Easy Rider’ have probably echoed through your head once every five or ten years if you ever saw the movie and/or happened to have grown up in the The 60’s, and though the meaning may have never been clear then, the meaning is certainly clear now. When all the epitaphs have been written on and all the stories have been told, about our Anthropocentric Age, the verdict is clear: we blew it. We had it all and we blew it. All we had to do was be stewards of the land, watching over and taking care with respect and foresight, and what did we do? We blew it, man…

    Cogito ergo sum was Rene’ Descartes proud take on the human condition. “I think, therefore I am.” In retrospect maybe it should have been: ‘I waste, therefore I am.’ For that is what defines us, our arrogance and our lack of foresight, our taste for blood and our terrible math. We were supposed to go forth and multiply, and instead we went forth and divided—oops! Now here we are wondering what went wrong while we shop for the latest app for our smart-phones and the latest fashion accessories for our hair, without so much as a second thought to any connection between our consumption and our condition… (More …)

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    Cold War, Warm Planet: Back in the USSR 

    Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin

    Josef Stalin

    Josef Stalin

    It has not been a good year for Malaysian Airlines. I’m wishing now I’d sold my stock. First there was the long-lost flight MH370, at the bottom of the ocean now somewhere, and now this, cold-blooded aer-o-plane-o-cide in Ukraine. Where have we gone wrong, that the world has come to this?

    This is not a case of war, or even terror. It is a case of stupidity. Give a monkey a machine and this is what you get. They will drive the car right off the cliff. They will shoot airplanes out of the sky. And they will frack every last bit of oil out of the very bedrock of the earth, just to power those machines.

    Of course this ill-fated flight MH17 has much more in common with KL007, the Korean Airlines flight that was shot down near Sakhalin Island in 1983 in what was then the USSR. But that was then. This is now. That was the USSR, known for its Commie paranoia. This is Russia, supposedly a prime player in the second-tier BRIC level of emerging capitalist movers and shakers. What gives? Does paranoia run in the DNA? Stupidity does.

    We’re all monkeys in this machine, and we all bear some responsibility. Those flights could be on detour around the war zone; but that would cost an extra dollar, wouldn’t it? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    But war is the least of my worries, really. People are killing each other probably less than ever, in outright warfare, at least, that is. The Old Testament is nothing but ethnic cleansing. Sound familiar?

    I’m more worried about the environment, where the connection between cause and effect is much more abstract and indirect, where the effects are spread over a much longer time and much wider territory, where the culprit must be hypothesized from reams of facts and figures gleaned from data collected over the last century over the entire planet. Who will sift through the wreckage from total environmental disaster?

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