Mushrooms are the forbidden fruit; oil is the forbidden meat. The Russians claim that oil is a renewable resource, constantly replenishing itself from below. If you go deep enough anywhere, you’ll eventually find it. That may be wishful thinking. Nevertheless, time is the crucial factor. Anything is renewable if you wait long enough, just as anything is depletable if you use it fast enough. The genie is out of the bottle and won’t go back in without some major coaxing. There’s no wishing for an earlier time without oil when everything was peaceful and simple and pristine. The air and water may have been cleaner, true, but human hearts were certainly no more gracious. The past is a pool of blood, ready to trap the unwary in its web of deceit. The present is a pool of oil, purchasing peace and happiness on the installment plan, buying time with the accumulated wealth of centuries. If there’s nothing there to substitute for oil when it gets scarce, will people kill themselves? Is there something like a methadone maintenance plan for oil junkies? Will a downward spiral into Dark Ages ensue? It’s probably a good time for a new Messiah; nothing heals like religion.