Gay marriage is more about equal rights than the conferral of sacrament

and is best dealt with that way. Certainly life partners should be able to share themselves with full legal rights without regard to sexual preference. Nevertheless, full church sacrament will never be granted, not from any of the established churches, anyway. Churches exist to decide between right and wrong and that’s what they attempt to do. The Great Chain of Being figures prominently in the philosophy of many religions, either directly or indirectly. This sanctifies reproduction as something holy, not dirty, not chosen, but a duty.omosexualityH Homosexuality figures into this system only as a sin, an aberration to be condemned. Whether homosexuality should or should not be considered something reprehensible has to do with whether it is a lifestyle chosen or an inherited trait. If chosen, then it is an aberration. If inherited, then it is natural. The debate may never be resolved. Certainly bisexuals throw a monkey wrench into the argument. Certainly no one is born with two sexual needs, are they? Surely one is chosen, isn’t it? By the same token, much sexual activity goes above and beyond the strict call of duty in fulfilling the basic needs of reproduction. Nothing is obvious. Nothing is forbidden. Everything is given. Everything is permitted. Religion that must resort to enforcement is not true religion at all.