The same people who say that sexuality is not a choice,

are the ones who go in for sex change. The homosexual claim to ‘normalcy’ is the implication that there was simply a mix-up in the delivery room and they were assigned the wrong set of genitals. Certainly they’re correct that sex centers are in the head, not the genitalia, but I suspect that choice and circumstance still play a large role in any deviation from the norm of sex. Most of the guys in prison who adjust themselves to a life without women by seeking sex with men are not the stereotypical lispy, eye-rolling, limp-wristed ‘gays’ on the outside. Sex accesses a need for power as much as sexual fulfillment. Whatever else it might access psychologically is a matter of speculation. It’s funny, or maybe not so funny, that the same word that refers to sexual fulfillment also refers to violence of the worst sort. It’s no less ironic that the same act gets used both ways. The same act that consummates love between a willing man and woman is the supreme form of violence when one partner is unwilling. What’s a rapist to do, join a singles club? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.