Sex sells like hotcakes to hungry men, and women too,

packaged many different ways for maximum market penetration. If it keeps knocking on the back door and the side exits, waking you up in the middle of the night, then that makes it more exciting and longer-lasting. ‘Wham bam’ (‘boom boom’ in Asia) barely scratches the surface of sex’s economic potential, and it’s all perfectly legal. You’ll never see a female singer anymore who’s not absolutely stunning, especially in country music. ‘Em boys know what sells. Movies are a little better, but not much. Many a beautiful woman gets steady work while many a great actress doesn’t, because of you know what, yes, IT, the black hole from which not even light can escape. The apologists will say that it’s beauty, not sex, that’s up for grabs. Yeah, right, people call 1-900 for the beauty of cultural interface, not for the illusion of intimacy strong enough to achieve hydraulic genital peristalsis. Mai bpen rai. It’s all for evolution, the faster the better. Let’s get to wherever we’re going as a species. Let’s get there tonight, baby.