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  • hardie karges 6:10 am on April 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Nirvana, and the Anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s Suicide 

    It’s hard now to hear Nirvana the rock band. But it’s easy to hear about Nirvana the cessation of hatred, anger, even desire, on a good day, so Buddhist Nirvana, that is. But I was once a big fan of the band, even though it was loud, raw, and anguished. That was much of the charm, at the time. But I started at the end and worked backwards, not so much because the acoustic versions were easier to swallow, which they were, but that the lyrics were understandable, and that was the point, that and the fact that I took offense at their use of the tern ‘nirvana’, not that I was Buddhist, but then neither were they. But then maybe they were Sanskritists, since they got the translation right: ‘extinction’, nothing about salvation, or even Enlightenment. So at least Kurt was honest. He just worked himself into a corner from which he couldn’t escape, not with his life. It always happens at age twenty-seven. That seems to be the threshold, the threshold between childhood and adulthood, or not. R.I.P. Kurt…

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    Beyond Buddhism: and the meaning of life is… 

    img_1773The opposite of death, of course, whatever that is, no more no less, the two like dancing partners choreographed to perfection, or life partners resigned to the fact. There is no other option, no matter how much the creators of cryogenics would wish it, or however much the authors of science fiction might fantasize. You can only delay the inevitable; every doctor will admit that, but still we spend every last cent to prolong our lives another minute or two for the sake of science, for the sake of the impenetrable sadness…

    And these same doctors think that the cure for suicide is better anti-depression drugs, as if all happiness is chemical and all meaning is logical, as if we were born with a seventy-year contract to fulfill, and any less would put us in breach. But yes, we are in breach, we are always in breach, that slashed gap between the open sores of our bodies and the unrealized expectations we had in mind, the slashed gap of duality. Maybe we should invent some new drugs to enhance our false expectations? No, we’ve got enough of those already… (More …)

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    We are the only species to contemplate suicide, Celine solutions in quick easy installments. Please pay account balance within thirty days of invoice. We may be the first species to go extinct by suicide. We may be the first species to go extinct because we just didn’t really feel like reproducing. We’re just going through the motions. So far as we know, no other animal has ever committed suicide, though interviews with whales continue. It’s against the laws of nature. We flatter ourselves as the scientific animals, discovering the secrets embedded in nature and inventing ever new ways to get even deeper in bed with her. We flatter ourselves as the rational animals, courting favors and suing for marriage, then back-filling logic retroactively to compensate for our lack of foresight. We flatter ourselves as religious, the divinity animals, the infinity animals, in the process of ascent to our rightful place at God’s right hand. We flatter ourselves. We’re all that and more. We’re the ego animals, competing for glory and the love of the flag. We’re the murdering animals, killing for its own sake, and loving every minute of it. We’re the suicide animals, an experiment gone wrong, a bill overdue. The clock is ticking and the fuse is lit. We don’t need to be concerned about Apocalypse; we need to be concerned about species extinction.

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    Suicide is the logical conclusion to all questions about the ultimate meaning of life. Fortunately there is more to life than logic. I try to discourage all casual talk of suicide and lend a hand to anyone in danger of careless suicide, not just for their own benefit, but also to protect the reputations of us serious suicide afficionados. We don’t appreciate casual dabbling on our turf. Suicide is a lifelong commitment, a philosophical avocation. It has nothing to do with desperation; not much anyway. It becomes the cornerstone around which all issues revolve. Life becomes a constant effort to avoid this cornerstone, even though in the end it will be embraced like a long lost friend coming home to roost. The final chapter will be like that Big Trip that I kept putting off until another day, which has finally arrived.

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    Islam has suicidal tendencies. The Bali bombers strike again, suicide bombers doing it all for the love of God. October must be the suicide season, fresh fertilizer for fallow fields. Flowers grow where tourists fell, the death knell for picnics and frolics and Muslims on the beach. This is unholy war. This is suicide. This is apocalypse. Muslims grab the torch of negativity from the communists and run with it. If neutral countries convert to Islam, then they’re on to something. The world could use a new Messiah, but I don’t think Osama’s it. He might be wearing robes, but I don’t think the Messiah will be demonstrating proper use of a machine gun. I think he’ll be speaking seven or eight languages fluently, preferably Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Swahili, French, Spanish, and, uh, oh yeah, English. That’s nine, a lucky number in China. I think the Bible or somebody predicted there’d by ten divisions of the world by about this time in history, so let’s add Malay/Indonesian, representing three countries and a quarter bil people directly, the entire Polynesian world by extension. Muslims should be happy to have four on the list, maybe five counting Swahili, so Africa’s got two with Arabic. Asia’s got a few, Europe’s got four, so everybody’s represented linguistically except American Indians. Maybe we should add Quechua, the language of some ten million dirt-poor Native Americans in the Andes Mountains of South America.

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