Ego raises its ugly head like a shark at the beach,

drawing fire if not blood for whatever it fails to accomplish with pure fright. Put enough ego in the car’s tank to get in running, then cut it back before it chokes the engine out. Making a thousand minor adjustments is much easier than making a single huge cataclysmic adjustment. Keep the carbs clean and the engine tuned. Ego is like profit motive. You need some to get you going, but you don’t want to indulge in it. It’s the strategically placed carrot perched directly in front of your face to keep you turning the treadmill even though you’re really not even hungry. Even if you don’t really need the money, you still need the profit as compensation for effort expended, reward for a job well done. If you want to give something away free, then you’ll have no shortage of takers. How can you know that someone appreciates your efforts, if they won’t even flip you a dime for your time? Ego is like that, something to pump you up, imagining yourself in exalted situations, just to get yourself out of bed and maybe half-way there, on a good day.