Ego needs new games to inspire it.

That’s what ego is for, to abstract yourself beyond your current position toward a new future, new pictures, new work. Ego allows you to fast-forward the tape to the future of random probabilities, instead of being resigned to the same old reruns of your old boring life like an old pair of shoes that the dog keeps dragging back. Ego must be fine-tuned to be a tool for visualization, but not a false reality to become mired in, certainly not a position to defend. Don’t let Ego out of the cage; that’s the trick. It’s like a genie that must be kept in its bottle. Not only is that good for self-discipline and good for self-confidence, but is essentially accurate. I AM the greatest thing that’s ever happened in my little world. But it stops at the door, which is to say, the mouth. If somebody thinks they see it through the window, then that’s their problem. It’s like money and the law of inverse proportions; the power is in holding it, not spreading it around. My little self-confidence device is everyone else’s pain in the butt. Success speaks for itself. You don’t have to advertise yourself unless you’re looking for work, and then only appropriately. If indulged in excessively, ego is a path of no return, married to your own mythology, divorced from reality.