The wages of sin is cash, cold and hard,

no longer disposable, already spent, no longer red, no longer hot. If you get caught with your dick out in public, then you gotta’ pay. If you stick it in my face, you get a second chance, if you’re a friend. The privilege of Christianity is to confess your sins and be born again. Don’t try this in Baghdad. The more you demand of friendship, the fewer friends you’ll have. The only thing I ask of my friends is keep your dick out of my face. I know it’s down there. I don’t need to see what it looks like. I don’t need to compare length. Don’t diminish me to exalt yourself. ‘Humble but not humiliated’ is not a bad approach to life. Humility is certainly a virtue, but you choose that for yourself as a gentle, yet effective, unpretentious approach to life. You don’t want it forced down your throat. People will stick their dicks in your face if you let them. That used to be called ‘eating humble pie’ I think. It tastes like rotten mushrooms. Do what you’ve got to do behind closed doors, do it for evolution, but don’t do it in my face. Say what you want about me behind my back, but don’t stick it in my face. Women will do the same, borrowing a virtual dick from the anals of history and legend to shadowbox the demons that haunt them. Why can’t they just stick their pussies in my face? I can usually take it from there. Anything is better than the all-too-frequent male ego stand-offs that pass for friendships, especially among many of the losers who wash up on the beach here in Thailand. Successful people don’t have to resort to such juvenile antics. It’s like Mississippi rednecks, with the Industrial Revolution leaving them behind, blaming all their problems on ‘niggers’, when they themselves can barely write a complete sentence. Most of their sentences occur in the state penitentiary at Parchman Farm. I’m from Mississippi, so I have a license to say things like this, my poetic license. You can download a copy from my web-site. Watch out for black widows.