Cruelty does not imply a lack of sensitivity.

I’ve frequently been accused of cruelty, but never insensitivity. It’s hard being a sensitive male. People will take advantage of you. Nice guys finish last. Assholes get ahead by being assholes. Other guys will stick their prick of stupidity in your face if you let them. It’s not the aggression so much as the stupidity that’s offensive. It’s a symbiotic relationship. The sensitive male is easily offended. The insensitive male easily offends. They can usually dish it out a lot easier than they can take it. What’s a sensitive male to do? You can only take so much. So you lash back selectively, and furiously, rather than lead a life based on offense. The best offense is still a good defense, regardless of the insults you have to endure. Better that than being the same sort of asshole that you detest. But if there’s one thing worse than having to get in someone else’s face, it’s someone getting in my face. I’m the kind of guy that egomaniac losers like to have as a best friend, intelligent yet patient and generally accommodating. I know people who will talk as long as I or anyone else will listen. I try to accommodate all viewpoints on the highest common denominator. Some people take that as a sign of weakness. I don’t like to use the word ‘loser’ because then it might be turned against me, but with some people, well, you know.