Women have the upper hand

in the meat market in the modern Piggly Wiggly. A nice-looking woman can get laid anytime she wants, foreplay optional. A nice-looking guy still has to go through all the motions, all the phone calls, all the arrangements, all the hors d’oeuvres, all the over-priced drinks, and even then has to ‘get lucky’ to get his order filled from the butcher. Still an unattractive guy can at least buy canned ham or get a face full of Spam as long as he can afford it. Unattractive women must resort to electrical appliances and divine intervention. It’s a sad fact of Evolution- the ugly ones don’t get to breed, Nature’s path of least resistance. The ugly ones don’t get to breed, and the smart ones hardly care to anymore. They just go through the motions. Sexual selection drives evolution dumber and prettier. Now that we no longer need our wits to survive, the world dumbs itself down exponentially. Still, sex is a heavenly way to ensure reproduction of the species. Having sex is looking upon the face of God, connecting to the ultimate source of space-time creation without all the unnecessary drugs, and realizing that, yes, it is good.