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  • hardie karges 7:17 am on September 3, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Women have the upper hand 

    in the meat market in the modern Piggly Wiggly. A nice-looking woman can get laid anytime she wants, foreplay optional. A nice-looking guy still has to go through all the motions, all the phone calls, all the arrangements, all the hors d’oeuvres, all the over-priced drinks, and even then has to ‘get lucky’ to get his order filled from the butcher. Still an unattractive guy can at least buy canned ham or get a face full of Spam as long as he can afford it. Unattractive women must resort to electrical appliances and divine intervention. It’s a sad fact of Evolution- the ugly ones don’t get to breed, Nature’s path of least resistance. The ugly ones don’t get to breed, and the smart ones hardly care to anymore. They just go through the motions. Sexual selection drives evolution dumber and prettier. Now that we no longer need our wits to survive, the world dumbs itself down exponentially. Still, sex is a heavenly way to ensure reproduction of the species. Having sex is looking upon the face of God, connecting to the ultimate source of space-time creation without all the unnecessary drugs, and realizing that, yes, it is good.

    • nottibits 7:37 am on September 3, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Wow this is the exact plot of Idiocracy.

      And you have to think that the whole strategy is messed up when money enters the picture. Otherwise known as “What’s he doing with HER?” or vice versa.

  • hardie karges 6:52 am on September 2, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    I want an analog woman, 

    infinitely adjustable, none of that digital shit, merely off and on, yes and no, in and out. I want infinite settings and an ocean of probabilities. I want a big brown knob that I can tweak to my heart’s content until I get things tuned just right. I want to try different flavors, different toppings, a la mode. I want light hot licks on long cold nights. I want platitudes and attitudes. I want moveable walls. I don’t want sixteen colors on two-bit logic. I want an infinite degree of separation between infrared and ultraviolet and an innumerable number of paths between them, just like that rainbow up there always perpendicular to your line of sight no matter from what angle you approach it, and not there at all when you really need it. Rainbows rule in an imaginary world, though practically worthless in real life. Women are a lot like that. Men probably are, too, if you’re a woman.

  • hardie karges 8:33 am on July 29, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Human flotsam and jetsam bob in the surf, 

    stateless girls latching on to men in girl-less states of mind and body. Their options are limited; their smiles are not. Maybe the more pathetic the state, such as Burma, the bigger the smile, the greater the willingness to go for escape velocity. Life in the hills can be hard: no home, no birthday, no rights. Lives come and go at the speed of shock waves through shit, no prom, no brownies, and no football heroes, just cheerleaders. Life is cheap and your price is known. This is the origin of slavery. This is the origin of marriage. This is ‘lives of the cheap and dirty’, coming soon to the prime-time schedule. This is the gene pool, time for a swim.

  • hardie karges 8:40 am on July 27, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    In northern Thailand there are more stateless girls than girl-less states. 

    They’re stuck in their lot, waiting for Prince Charming to come rescue them from the oblivion of life in the boondocks. Born into a bummer of a Burmese state and gone by the fourth summer of debate, they migrate southward on ancient paths of forgiveness. They look for a daddy to take them in, these bastard children of the primordial race. This is the gene pool, vast but shallow, only just deep enough that you can see your reflection in it. They’re everywhere you go, yet everywhere you look, the image looking back is yourself, naked and unadorned.

  • hardie karges 8:34 am on July 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    After thirty a woman’s chances with Thai men are getting slim anyway, 

    slimmer than their waistlines certainly, what with a new crop of 16-year-olds always there looking to move up the food chain. So for the minor adjustment of servicing a hairy smelly foreigner for an undetermined number of years, a Thai woman past her prime can likely secure a better life for her and her family, and maybe even score an inheritance in the process. Love lies hidden in the cracks of a warped existence. There’s something for everyone where the algebra of need meets the geometry of desire. Anything disgusting about it, like the sight of twenty-year-old Thai girls sacrificing themselves to fifty-year-old Western men, doesn’t apply to me. Tang’s not that young anyway, not physically at least. She’s got a loyal devoted, if not ever-present husband, not like a lot of Thai guys with as many wives as they can afford. Every time I try to cheat on my wife, my dick gets infected or swells up or something, unsympathetic magic. I like guilt complexes; it leads the world to an ultimately better place. Of course it works best if everyone is similarly possessed. Tang only gets jealous when I flirt with death; that’s her turf.

    • gregorylent 1:20 pm on July 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      you are smart, a damn good writer, insightful .. and if you just back off the attitude about ten percent, you could be great … unhealed stuff gets in the way of the reader ..

    • hkarges 7:37 pm on July 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      If you’re a professional editor, then we should talk. I’d love to know which ten percent is in the way. The hardest thing for any writer is self-editing. Regardless, thanks for the comment.

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