Caucasians Unite!

Sandwiched in between its big brothers Russsia, Iran, and Turkey, seventeen million people live in the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, occupying an area the size of Washington State.  Not even counting the Indo-Europeans, Semites, and Turks, all with relatives elsewhere also, Caucasians proper (?) comprise dozens of languages related to nothing else in the world, except possibly Basque, and most not even related to each other.  Roman history records that they used eighty interpreters to communicate there.  Groups long lost to the tides of history left contingents there to give anthropologists work, including Iranian Scyths and Kipchak Turks.  Apparently the area long served as a geographic bottleneck, funneling people to the East out of Africa early in human history and funneling people to the south or west off of the Eastern steppes, probably the source of the main drama in human history.  Why white-skinned people are referred to as ‘Caucasian’ is another matter.  Though certainly better than ‘Aryan’, its origins are confused, and is essentially a misnomer, though it might have some historical veracity in referring to people who coalesced to the north of the mountains.  There a genetic mutation for reduced pigmentation must have conveyed a selective advantage (in the snow?) on the white people who resulted.  The rest is history.