Transience has gotten a bum rap.  Throughout history it’s the nomads who were braver, stronger, smarter, and more creative.  It may even be part of the human DNA makeup, like physical exercise, without which humans don’t function properly.  Religious and other convictions for possession aside, one of the main differences between chimps and us, is our reliance on meat.  This not only provided essential nutrients, but required extensive social organization to procure.  Of course for nomadic herders the main course was milk, not meat.  You don’t eat your stock, except for all but the most studly males, until they no longer give milk.  Thus was born the cheese industry, and beef stew.  With dairy products as the principal food, human bodies grow tall and strong-boned.  Vegetables, fruits, and grains obtained by gathering and trade for dairy products make a superior diet.  Whenever they lived in symbiosis with planters, even though numerically smaller, the herders RULED, as with Tutsis and Hutus, Fulanis and Hausas, Mongols and everybody else, everybody else and Slavs.  This situation persists until ameliorated by the equalizing effects of industrialization.  But though cows have always been the basis of the dairy industry, they were not the most valuable item of the herders.