The Rift

Africa is cracking up, slowly but surely, just like clockwork, albeit a big-ass clock.  India’s long gone, with Madagascar hot on its trail.  Arabia’s not quite so sure, but don’t expect it to return anytime soon.  Rifts don’t heal that easily.  Future geographers will see soon see an island to rival the size of Greenland out there any day now, give or take, say, fifty million years.  Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, and large parts of Ethiopia and Mozambique will have their own little mini-continent.  Uganda could go either way.  God help Rwanda and Burundi.  They need it.  They’ve got enough rifts already.  Unfortunately a large portion of the Earth’s fresh water is locked up in those lakes in the rift.  That’ll all be lost to the open salty sea.  That’ll be bad news for some flamingoes and baboons.