Mexican Jeopardy

On Mexican ‘Jeopardy’ the contestants always start at the bottom highest-priced end of a category and work their way upward toward the easy questions.  It’s as if the correct answer to a question ultimately comes from luck, not skill or knowledge, certainly not something that might be gained from thirty minutes of practice and familiarity with the subject.  People wonder why the Third World is the world of poverty and start pointing fingers of accusation at rich countries and rich corporations that ‘suck out’ the resources of the rest of the world while leaving nothing in return.  At the same time they ignore the reluctance of many of those same people to improve their individual and group situations by incremental steps and simple logic, the powers of two, double your money, then double it again, then so on to the limits of one’s ability.  This is the conservative approach to progress, conserving what already exists while moving forward one step at the time, best exemplified in reproduction.  Gene-splicing is a shortcut to nowhere.  The power of reproduction is the power of twos, in fractional terms, two unite and become one in the flesh, over and over to infinity.