Chattiness is a national personality trait that I value highly, an open society without pretenses or pretensions.  This is not something to be taken for granted, especially between sexes.  In fact, in many, if not most, cultures, men and women can’t simply meet and chat each other up casually.  That might lead to bigger and better things, after all.  Yep.  Or maybe they can, but they don’t, for lack of opportunity or appropriate setting.  Village communism is the flip side, not bad necessarily, in and of itself, but so mathematically imprecise as to be maddeningly annoying.  If you get ahead of the pack, then you can be sure that every one else will have his hand out looking for a piece of the action.  By the same token, you have the right to call on others for help when you need it, but for some people that’s simply not the way of life.  Still the trade-off is largely worth the downside.  Too often smiles are forgotten in the transactions of existence, the currency of personality, the personality of life.  What’s the good of life if it has to be stressed or strained, coaxed through filters and reduced to mush?  Not surprisingly, the countries best at this are the least macho countries, like Thailand and Peru.  Also not surprisingly, these are countries with beautiful women, an obsession with sex, and a total dearth of logic.