Eastern Europe is losing weight fast, the dead weight of Bolshevik dictatorship, commonplace communism, and ironic curtains.  This is quickly being replaced by common criminals, Mafia protection, and tinted shades to soften the glare of an all-too-bright future.  Paint the scene in yellow and green if you want it to mean what I think it means.  Save the gray for the drab old cold of Communism, long given over to rigor mortis on the fast track to rot.  Prague rocks from the underbelly up; experimental music and flying cows with psychedelic milk dot the landscape.  Bohemian boozers give their western Celtic brothers a run for their beer money in the race to drink each other under the table.  It’s a Bohemian rhapsody, complete with nods and winks.  Czechs bounce back from a shuddered past, an iron curtain and a blind smile, and try to forget their history as slaves for whatever marauding band happened to pass through.  Now I know just a little of how it feels to live in the Communist bloc, cell block apartments and fare-thee-well projects.  They are quickly being converted to tourist accommodations by enterprising individuals.  It is sobering to think that Communism intended to unite the world under the banner of heavy industry, gray skies, and mass pollution, regardless of local conditions and traditions.  Only when that world started to disappear, being replaced by the information industry, did communism itself begin to crumble.