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  • hardie karges 8:28 am on September 15, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    The praying mantis gives head like no other, 

    the hapless male giving new meaning to the term ‘self-sacrifice’. For those of you who don’t know, the female nibbles the male’s head off as a nutritional supplement, while it’s in the throes of orgasm and can hardly defend itself. This is one disadvantage of the missionary position. I once saw a show on BBC where a lady scientist was jerking off a pig. I feel better now. In case you don’t already know, they have penises that look like a corkscrew. Why Nature selected for that, God only knows. Anyway, the nice lady explained that the really runny liquid comes out first to have a head start for the prize Easter egg, while the viscosity thickens until finally the last portion is almost like wax, which plugs up the channel. That’s so that the sprinters don’t change their minds and back out. And that’s exactly the way it came out, she steadily pumping away on the poor creature’s forlorn member, he not complaining a bit. It was better than the horsie scene when Emanuelle went to America, which reminds one of just how bad porno movie-scripts can be. And that was the high-class porn, with a real story and everything. I never saw the donkey shows in TJ, so I can’t compare it with that.

  • hardie karges 1:49 pm on September 12, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Bottom line on reproduction is as clear as the line of her bottom. 

    There’s no rulebook any more and far fewer rules. We can reproduce the species without any reference to family structure if that’s what people want. We can reproduce the species without any reference to sex if that’s what people really want, though our sentimental attachment to sex seems pretty strong. The real issue, of course, is gene-splicing. Do we really want or need designer babies? Are we that dissatisfied with our current lives and that confident of our technological prowess that we’re willing to risk it all for cosmetic enhancements? Once genes are released into the environment, they are like viruses with lives of their own. The problem is that you might not even know the effects of long-term experimentation until it’s too late.

  • hardie karges 7:59 am on September 10, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    How much money you have when you die is not the important thing; 

    it’s how many women you’ve had that’s important. I call that the ‘Darwinian excuse’ for men’s philanderthal behavior. No other species gives even nearly as much consideration. The reproductive act all finished, the male of the species goes back to his hunting and fishing and foraging, leaving the female the joy of motherhood and the fate of the species. Tests have indicated that male baboons can actually identify their own offspring, but that’s tentative. Leave it to us great apes to subvert God’s plan by caring for our offspring. This could lead to dangerous precedents among the human species, already pussy-whipped and begging for more. Along with missionary positions and rumors of oral sex, we seem to share that guilt complex with bonobos, whose males also tend to follow their women’s lead. I guess that’s because they’re more sexual than chimps, too, the little sluts. But our technology puts us humans in a dangerous position. Once women realize they don’t need us, just a few studs, then they can organize to effectively shut us out of the deal, or worse yet, keep us as worker drones serving them… hey, wait a minute…. Isn’t that what Tang’s already doing with me?

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