How much money you have when you die is not the important thing;

it’s how many women you’ve had that’s important. I call that the ‘Darwinian excuse’ for men’s philanderthal behavior. No other species gives even nearly as much consideration. The reproductive act all finished, the male of the species goes back to his hunting and fishing and foraging, leaving the female the joy of motherhood and the fate of the species. Tests have indicated that male baboons can actually identify their own offspring, but that’s tentative. Leave it to us great apes to subvert God’s plan by caring for our offspring. This could lead to dangerous precedents among the human species, already pussy-whipped and begging for more. Along with missionary positions and rumors of oral sex, we seem to share that guilt complex with bonobos, whose males also tend to follow their women’s lead. I guess that’s because they’re more sexual than chimps, too, the little sluts. But our technology puts us humans in a dangerous position. Once women realize they don’t need us, just a few studs, then they can organize to effectively shut us out of the deal, or worse yet, keep us as worker drones serving them… hey, wait a minute…. Isn’t that what Tang’s already doing with me?