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  • hardie karges 11:55 am on May 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    R.I.P. Amerika: “They built good roads…” 

    Houston in the broad daylight

    Houston in the broad daylight

    American cities need to lose weight, and waistlines, fat-ass plastic-wrapped white-bread montrosities—monstro-cities—sprawled-out to kingdom come, but kingdom won’t come like this, not on concrete and steel, asphalt and false expectations, extending out to God-only-knows-where there is no limit by statute good taste or common sense just red lights and turning lanes…

    This is democracy gone horribly wrong, one-man one-vote now obsolete one-man one-car the order of the day, red-light districts everywhere now, and no limit to the number of quickie customers just looking for strange anywhere everywhere doing it in the road living lives and dying deaths in mid-lane even homeless people have cars to sleep in the American way, just look for an empty parking-lot and circle the wagons…

    I get it, the new democracy, that is, but I don’t like it: vehiculocracy, vote with your wheels, just drive somewhere else if you don’t like it here; I look at most cities and only see blight, ugliness, the devil’s workshop: truth beauty and goodness selling out to commercial interests and highest bidders, not the city so much but the endless sprawl, America the worst offender reduced to whipping boy for oil interests and poster boy for bank interest, asphalt concrete and steel; lawyers, guns and money-changers…

  • hardie karges 4:39 pm on October 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Apocalypso Now, Rise of the Machines: Mother (Earth) Frackers and Carmageddon 

    This is the Apocalypse. The natural world has been reduced to parking lots and asphalt, concrete and steel, all for the sake of consumption and convenience, gluttony and godlessness, the opportunity to play master, lord and creator of the universe, in a benzene-induced frenzied fantasy world of cosmic proportions, engineering gone viral, spreading the gospel of internal combustion and external… uh, combustion…

    The machines have taken over. We’re now working for them. It started off simply enough, just driving them around. Then they instructed us to build them an Interstate highway system, chopping our cities into bits and pieces in the process, and now they want us to tease the very last drop of oil out of the ground, too, no matter the cost. What will they demand next?

    Our cities are no longer livable, neighborhoods divided against themselves and separated by flyovers and exit ramps. We drive them wherever they want to go, and we give them prime parking space. We take them on cross-country tours. We even invented motels for them, an entire new genre of accommodation, proudly parked on the outskirts of town, proudly perched with parking-lot views, and far from those now-destroyed cities, mostly unlivable and unliving…

    The machines now have their own neighborhoods, suburbs, admiring the world they created, with shopping malls created just for them, and gas station temples devoted to them, collecting donations and dispensing favors, horsepower thrills without the horse, smell of ass gas replaced by the smell of earth gas, benzene for methane, Hollywood day for night, the interplay of opposites, fantasy for reality and infinity for mortality. It’s all good fun, of course, all part of the game, no harm no foul, until now…

    But fracking, i.e. hydraulic fracturing, “a well-stimulation” technique in which rock is fractured by a pressurized liquid” (Wikipedia), i.e. cracking our very Mother Earth’s crust just to extract the bit of oil that might (or might not) be inside? Now that’s sick. We’ll have Hell to pay for that, and Hell ain’t cheap.  Just don’t let the music stop…

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