Religio-Physics 101: Preparing for The Next Dimension–Light

Image result for heavenly light shining downIt’s hard to speculate on other dimensions of reality besides our own, because if those other dimensions were analyzable, then they wouldn’t be ‘dimensions’ in the sense used here. They’d be a natural part of our physical existence. By ‘dimensions’ I am talking about more than a unit of measurement such as length, width or depth. For lack of a better word, I am talking about something like parallel universes, one higher than the other, or perhaps ‘including’ the lower one.  How many dimensions does the latest ‘string theory’ postulate? 10? 28?

Perhaps the easiest example is the comparison of a two-dimensional object, say a drawing, with a three-dimensional one, say a sculpture. The sculpture is ‘more’ than the drawing, higher in a real physical sense, and can be represented two-dimensionally in an infinite number of ways and angles, like snapshots. But compare that sculpture to us, moving bodies with the fourth dimension of time, and once again there is no comparison, and once again we can be represented in an infinite number of three-dimensional ways, multiple points in time, frames on film. That’s magic. That’s us. Hi.

So imagine a reality higher than our four-dimensional one, and what do you get? You get Spirit, that’s what. Sounds pretty flakey; can you prove it? What does it consist of? Light, I’d reckon, in one of its various manifestations of ordinary light itself or electricity or magnetism, all the same thing scientifically, and all traveling at the speed of light, the defining dimension, the fifth dimension, in my little thought experiment.

To us electricity and magnetism, if not ordinary light, are magic, because they’re so illogical—until you get to know them. In that higher plane of reality or ‘dimension’ it’s as common as mud is here. Everything moves at the speed of light on the next higher plane. Everything is light; everything is spirit. Light as electromagnetism is one of the four ‘fundamental forces’ in the physics of this reality, though ‘normal’ in my next higher. I wonder would be perceived as a ‘fundamental force’ in that next higher plane?

From that perspective our reality is as infinitely reducible to simple analysis as comic books or films are to us—child’s play. Ghosts, most likely, could walk through walls in that dimension and there would likely be no death. Good chance you could even travel wormholes, if they exist, something spaceships here will likely never do. It’d be way cool. When you die from this world, are you automatically born into that world? Who knows? I’m in no hurry, but that’s what they say…

Of course none of this can be proven or by definition it wouldn’t be a ‘higher plane’ or ‘parallel reality’.  But, like any good conspiracy theory, it can’t be dis-proven, either. Why bother with such fantasies? Because there are many glimpses of that reality, already, and much circumstantial evidence. What about scientific proof? You do the math.

Einstein’s most basic theory, and most easily overlooked, is that the laws of physics are the same anywhere in the universe. Makes sense. But what if they’re not? That’s not an empirical fact, and cannot be proven. But it’s an assumption that allows all scientific measurements to have universal meaning, i.e. ‘truth’. Again: what if it’s not the case?

What if the universe itself consists of flows and eddies (no, not the rock group), which operate at different velocities and consist of different masses? What if our entire world/plane/reality is just a construction zone in the spiritual world where things operate slower than normal: Warning! Construction Zone! Please reduce speed to that of sound! Spirits traveling at the speed of light will be prosecuted!

Maybe the already-measured and much head-scratched increasing acceleration of the expansion of the ‘universe’ is merely the acceleration to normal spiritual light speed that one would expect at the edges of a construction zone.  And, of course, mass would be infinite at the speed of light, as concluded by Einstein’s equations and usually ‘normalized’ to make sense, in this dimension. In that dimension: no problem; no mass. It all makes sense now.

p.s: the one overriding clue to light’s independent reality is the fact that no matter how you measure its speed—coming, going, whatever—it always measures the same. This contradicts normal ‘relativity’ assumptions and suggests something more. I second that emotion. In this little thought experiment, the next ‘lower’ dimension would probably be gravity—makes sense, the Black Hole that preceded us. Reporting live from the dimension of Time, I’m Hardie Karges…