The Past Speaks in Broken Bricks, Broken Promises, and Broken English

Brick handiwork

Brick handiwork–Territorial Arizona 1901

Tucson, Arizona 2015–I especially like the small imperfections, like when a brick had to be hacked to fit into a too-small space, or the mortar had to be thicker just to reach the ceiling or the mason dropped a stitch when a cigarette burnt his lips or the mortar got slathered sloppily when the helper forgot to tie his shoelace or the foreman was trying to remember the Spanish word for bricks and blocks and the clock kept lurching in ticks and tocks and somebody thought they saw the stigmata of Jesus, corpus christi or the Virgin of Guadelupe in the blemishes of the bricks but you don’t get paid until you finish the work so here I am one hundred years later building a church where unlicensed workmen only saw simple shelter…