Free will in human activity is not only possible, but it is essential.

This is the problem with Conspiracy, of course, that it postulates some abstract ‘them’ as responsible for all the world’s problems throughout history without ever specifying who ‘they’ are, and making our own actions irrelevant. No doubt there are hundreds of little conspiracies going on all the time. I just don’t believe in the Big C. Without free will there are no ethics, no morals, no courts, and no basketballs, just chrome-plated hardened balls in pinball machines bouncing off cushions and landing on pins in a mad search for rubbers, lights flashing and bells ringing, like your worst Las Vegas nightmare. There is no reason to apologize and blame some abstract determinism for the sad state of human affairs, because in reality, it’s never been so good. There is no reason to apologize for one region’s apparent superiority over the others because such views fail to take into account that such ‘superiority’ might be the death of us all. We might all be rushing to Africa one day to look for something we forgot or some DNA we’re missing to make us real humans again. They’re the real thing, after all; Asians and Caucasians are the mutant freaks. Our best visions are still myopic and ethnocentric. The future is pure mathematical probability and the present is too dynamic to be taken in perspective. Like evolution, you can only look back and see who’s been more successful.