The prettiest flowers grow in the ugliest plots,

like latter-day hippies taking pink fuzzy comfort in the long loving arms of Conspiracy. Ignorance finds fertile ground in the ashes of a once vigorous culture now gone to seed in an era of uncertainty and self-recrimination. It feels good to know that THEY have caused all the world’s problems, not US. It feels good to know that we’ve got the goods on the hoods and that the day of reckoning will be followed by another long day of supposing, followed by another long day of figuring. It’s your move. Buy a vowel and try to solve the puzzle before it’s too late. Ignorance will surely save us from the excesses of our own intelligence one way or another, by hook or crook. The crooks have got the home-court advantage, but they don’t own the ball. The ball is in someone else’s court now. It took barbarians with battle-axes to save us from the golden age of Greek and Roman slavery. It’ll take some bozos with cell phones and laptops to save us from the silicon age of European and American industrialization.