Conspiracies of ignorance are the real conspiracies,

easy answers to rhetorical questions, the need for certainty and reassurance in a world with very little of either. When card-carrying Conspiracy People (CP’s) told me that “we need four more years of George W”, the man they supposedly hated more than Hell itself, then something is wrong. CP’s are doing the same thing that they accuse THEM of doing, i.e. manipulating events to suit their own political agenda, in this case, getting people like me off the fence and into one or the other opposing camps, just like the jihadis are doing in Indonesia. “You can’t handle the truth!” they like to imply in self-congratulation. Hey, I like it on the fence, where I can see both sides of an issue with at least an increased, if not perfect, clarity. The view’s nice here, with a view of the peaks and all. Democracy works, however clumsily and imperfectly. If we succumb to easy fixes for difficult questions and paranoid responses to provocative stances, then THEY win, whoever THEY are.