Internet defines the age of communication,

spooky actions at a distance, intricate inter-connections at an infinite degree of separation. Internet is made for conspiracy; you could never get a quorum otherwise. Fringe elements unite in the musty worldwide cobwebs of Cyberia. Somehow they all manage to read the same sources, as if they themselves were the very conspiracy that they see in others. False prophets emerge from the woodwork and take to the airwaves, the broad fetching smile of religion spreading across their faces, so sure of themselves that it makes me hurt. Ego and logic unite to uplift the individual and undermine the state. We won’t miss clunky old democracy until it’s gone and replaced by something far more efficient. Technology is the new opium of the masses, clean and neat if not discreet. Internet is a maze of false leads and misplaced ideals. You could get lost in there. It works best as a combination telephone directory, Sears catalog and dating service, a meeting place of lost souls and found objects. Forget the revolution; let’s eat!