Cultural drift, like genetic drift, takes humans in directions never intended

by a simple butterfly effect of a simple random action having untold, but manifold, effects. But here the notion of causality has meaning. That’s what humans do, causing things to happen for specific effects. One of the more interesting things going on in the scientific world is the use of microbiologic techniques in linguistics, that is, documenting and comparing mutations to uncover past history. A more interesting tack, as if anything could truly be more interesting then language acting like DNA, would be to determine if language could possibly have any effect on genetic evolution, possibly as the ‘transfer particle’ between DNA and memory. Such an approach would assume that there is some sort of Chomskyian quantum ‘mentalese’ eidetic language that exists in all organisms regardless of their ability to formalize such, and that higher relativistic Sapir-Whorfian cultural functions may come into play later. The problem is the vast amount of time involved to show any effect in genetic evolution, regardless of how fast culture now evolves. If it could be shown that human DNA evolves faster than that of other species, or even faster than it used to, that would be a starting point from which to begin to try to isolate the causes of such a differential, whether it be drugs, diet, or the Holy Grail itself, language.