Errors in reproduction create new races and species

for lack of a better plan, or so the Darwinian explication would have us believe. I’m not so sure. ‘Inheritance of acquired characteristics’ may be making a comeback. A respectable modern biologist speaks of ‘natural selection of habits’ somehow related to memory. Whoa! What are the transfer particles? What carries memory from one generation to the next? Vague references to ‘instinct’ don’t cut it. Does DNA do more than code for proteins? The path in biological, as well as linguistic, evolution is toward smaller multi-purpose units. As the Earth fills up, its inhabitants grow smaller, though smarter, at least until now. Smaller units tend to be more adaptable. Language mutates and evolves faster than DNA, at least in humans. Language reproduces like bacteria. It can evolve at such a rate that some day soon generations may not be able to communicate with each other, as almost happened in the 60’s. Of course it evolves whether there is any ‘reason’ or not. ‘Reason’ is only an anthropomorphism of evolution. In reality, there may be rhyme, but certainly no reason, at least not in Darwinian evolution. The ‘natural selection of habits’ is an interesting proposition, with the implication that somehow habits get memorized genetically and become instinct. But this would require resurrecting Lamarck and going through that entire dialog and dialectic again. Neither position can offer any firm proof, only anecdotal evidence of cause and effect. The Lamarckian position is the more common-sense one while Darwin appears more scientific, at least on the surface. More important, perhaps, is that Darwinism is more materialistic and Lamarckism more idealistic, literally, ‘wishful thinking’ to its detractors. Still, to my knowledge, no product of evolution has ever been specifically linked to any given mutation, much less proven that such mutation would yield that effect again. Scientists don’t believe their own doctrine, still using the language of causality for supposedly random mutations, and still searching the heavens for our long lost relatives without a shred of evidence that such a thing would happen, even if it could.