Women are digital,

the great 0’s making sense of men’s egocentric 1’s with their single-minded obsessions and hardened points of view. The great 0 can soften those rough edges to its own level of nothingness. All the dreams and schemes, all the cities and civilizations fade into nothingness under the spell of a woman, IOU, a baby being born, a fruit ripening, a blank canvas summoning someone to come paint it for sheer love of the paint. Sympathetic magic is like reading a letter and hearing the voice of the person who wrote it, all in a subliminal effort to bring that person closer to you, face to face. Sex implies possession the way face implies personality. Possession is nine-tenths of the law, and penetration implies possession, somewhere in the back alleys of the male subconscious. The act of penile insertion marks a territory as ‘taken’, giving notice to competitors that they should exercise other options, or be prepared to engage in battle. For all our human pretentiousness, we’re just dogs leaving our scent, or even better yet, pandas competing to see who can piss the highest and ultimately get the girl. The biggest and best might get many girls, thus strengthening the species and the progenitor’s dominance, while others get none. Sound familiar?