Interzone girls can be whatever you want them to be.

They’re international after all; they’re pragmatic; they’re compromising; they’re the future; they’re nothing; they’re available. Interzone girls further the progress of evolution, for a price. Interzone girls are fresh meat, trading at $100 per kilo on the FTSE exchange, price inversely proportional subject to legal age requirements. The eastern dark crude can be had for a discount at the well head, good value when compared to the northern light partially refined stuff. It all tastes like chicken. All you need is some elbow grease and a little TLC and you can turn a nifty little profit. The mail-order bride business is booming as global warming shuts down the traditional means of communications and citizens dig in for the long dark winter that usually accompanies global volcanic activity. Everything is different now. The old rules don’t apply. Long after humans cease to reproduce sexually, men will still need the illusion to function effectively, just as humans still need physical exercise even though the majority have never plowed a field or hunted an animal. The memories rule; the genes control. The memories all carry weapons. Don’t forget to wear protection.