Asians have a real problem admitting fault,

as if that implies a loss of face, as if it weren’t normal for people to make constant mistakes, as if things weren’t constantly in flux, molecules in motion making imperfect connections. There is no centrality in Thai, linguistically or culturally. Everything is related only to what immediately preceded it. It’s like contact improvisation in dance, bodies making contact, then going through motions appropriate to the encounter. Sounds like Thailand to me. Much of the problem with Thailand is that everything’s a joke. That’s the way they like it, notwithstanding the fact that somebody has to do the work for the rest to have fun. The weird thing is that Farangs here fall into the same mentality, though admittedly many were already close. They come here and listen to the false flattery of the self-styled demimondaines and courtesans, and it all goes to their heads. Each one is convinced that the women all love him, and only him, despite all evidence to the contrary. Thailand can work wonders for undernourished egos. You can imagine what sort of men this attracts. The wonder is that it actually attracts many intelligent respectable men also, usually in retirement. By defining my needs carefully, and nailing the language, I’ve made it work for me beyond expectations. The best revenge is success.