Thais have a superiority complex, with no basis in reality.

They’re probably not the only ones. Educationally they lie close to the bottom of an uninspiring heap. The bottom ten percent of Asian countries is not a pretty group. They need to feel like they can speak our language, but we can’t speak theirs, to prop up fragile egos and a culture that tends to over-compensate as a nation for its own low individual self-esteem. Nevertheless, it taught me one of the most important lessons of life: if you want to get ahead, then you gotta’ leave others behind. It’s a rule of life, no exceptions. The higher you go, the more that people will try to drag you down. It’s village Communism, survival of the fattest and reduction to the saddest. The saddest part is that it’s those closest to you that are most anxious to hold you back. Strangers will pretty much take you at face value. It’s as if the notion of ‘progress’ as in ‘progressions’ were totally lacking. You’re stuck at whatever level you first showed up at. True friends want you to progress. Keep them. Ditch the rest.