MTV is rapidly evolving from illustrated songs to Hollywood shorts, complete or incomplete with ‘pretty girl singers’ wearing little but shorts, crotch meat for the famished affections. Nevertheless, it’s an opportunity for a new art format. If only someone could see the connection between illustrated songs and sonically sweetened pictures, then there might be something there. Of course very few music videos qualify as anything remotely resembling art, while many short films do. Considering how much teen-culture crap serves as filler for music video channels, removing that should leave room for both music and film. The ideal way, certainly, would be to have only the best of both, or maybe the ‘edgiest’, thus bringing the two fields closer together. Considering the dubious trend of using the film industry and music industry to promote each other’s most pathetic commercial instincts, any new creative approach would be welcome. The widespread use of pop songs to decorate movies, regardless of true applicability, is bad enough without the movies now decorating the songs.