Entertainment holds me between acts. Entertainment cures all, the light, color, and sound wrapping me up in its long loving arms. Bathe me in images of other faces and other races, fights to the finish with action heroes and multiple chase scenes. Movies always have happy endings. The good guy gets the girl and the bad guys get bars. The girls drive their fast guys and the guys drive fast cars. The good guys get the high-school sweetheart and the split-level complete with breakfast nook. The bad guys get cheap whores, cheap hotels, and battles with battles. It’s funny how the bad guys’ bullets always miss their targets, while the good guys’ bullets always hit. The good guys can even dodge bullets. Anything can happen in the movies; stories are created with effects and editing. Sometimes life imitates art, and the stories have happy endings. I could do without all the chase scenes, though, and all the guns, too. Sometimes the simple boredom of real life is preferable.