Suicide bombers are at least as suicidal as they are religious. They can’t fool me. I know that look in the eyes. Airplane windshields can’t hide that. Surely they don’t believe all that ‘heaven of a thousand virgins’ crap. Is virginity that precious? I suppose that the obsession with virginity dates from a time when the male of the species felt compelled to ensure that any offspring from his mate was his, and his only, some law of genetics or something. This was before blood and DNA testing. This was before makeup and powder. I’d kill myself, too, if my only potential mates looked like some of those women. No wonder they want their women covered head to toe. Down South they just use a paper sack and think about Holly Woodstar. I suppose the latest in Islamic fashion might be a Velcro quick-zip headscarf with anti-bacterial agent imbued. Some Thais are caught on the wrong side of the line, the wrong side of the veil, the wrong side of the book. I can see them grinning on the other side of that veil. The girl in the Marrakesh market was going to remove her veil for me, for reasons I don’t know. She must have seen that look in my eye that says that I’m looking, anywhere and everywhere, high and low, for anything and everything that has meaning, but especially love.