Give Israel up, guys, you’re not going to get it back, not that it was ever yours in the first place! The Philistines can take care of themselves; they don’t need Jews or Arabs, six-pointed stars nor Egyptian scarabs. This is not holy war; this is holy shit! Go back to your deserts and count your money, then get on with your lives and count your blessings. Things could be worse. Armenians got it much worse from the same Turks who let Jews back into Palestine in the first place, long after the Romans kicked them out with great ceremony and fireworks. Surrender to your war god of victory and conquest; prostrate yourself to the great black rock of fortitude, Holy of Holies. Take the veils off your wives and get them some make-up. That’ll make it better. If they look less like executioners, then maybe you’ll feel less suicidal.