The empires have all fallen as is right and fair. There will be more and they’ll all fall, too. Illusions of grandeur fuel the future. Bullshit burns, slowly but steadily. I firmly believe that there is an inner core of goodness and justice in every heart and every mind, something learned and remembered, a lesson taught by every religion, though learned by few. I honestly think there is a process of equalization going on in the world, at least between countries. This might even include Africa before it’s all over. The gap these days seems to be a new class system developing between rich and poor within countries themselves, particularly between the cities and the countryside. Indigenous groups are already endangered species. Will they ever be protected? Whales get more protection than traditional ethnic groups. Assimilation may not be the panacea that it might appear. If and when the shit hits the fan, we may need some survival tips from those peoples now marginalized.