Future archaeologists will have fun with the CERN super collider particle accelerator. It’ll be the enigma of the millennia, trying to unravel the twists and turns of nuclear physics. Somehow I can’t see how anyone would ever figure out how somebody would build a massive underground structure tens of miles long and miles in diameter for the purpose of smashing subatomic particles into each other just to see what they’ll do. That presupposes that there will be a break in the historical record, as before, when one historical age has lost track of what happened previously. By extension one could assume that technological advancement will have stalled and progress regressed. Should history proceed smoothly, by some miracle, all will not be lost and we will likely be far more advanced then than now. For that to happen, we’ll have to find a suitable substitute for oil BEFORE it runs out, and make a seamless transition to a new phase of energy consumption.