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  • hardie karges 10:03 am on January 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Buddhism and the Limits of Control… 

    Self-control isn’t really about controlling anything. It’s about right actions. And this is an important distinction for Western audiences, who simply abhor any limit to their supposed freedoms, whether real or imagined, whether they be MAGA-hat-wearing Trumpists or Buddhists who refuse to give up the Christian core which promises them eternal life.

    So all of a sudden rebirth doesn’t sound so bad, notwithstanding the fact that for most traditional Buddhists that is a curse, not a gift. Nevertheless, we must plead ‘skillful means,’ in order to save the seeker from the grips of false doctrine, whether Muslim or Shaivite, and so admit them into the fold, then work out the details later.

    And in fact a world with no limits is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on unsuspecting adherents to Christianity, Capitalism, and Democracy, but that is our fate, and now we must deal with it. It was instrumental in getting men to the moon, and now we must figure out how to save the earth that they left behind. It created the fires of industry, and now we must figure out how to put the fires out.

    Still the eternalists never give up, assuring us that there are more of us out there somewhere in the Universe, with not one shred of evidence to support it. Like Trumpsters counting votes in absentia, the statisticians count humans by virtue of logic, not math. But the only thing infinite is Emptiness, and that is not the World. That is the possibility that there might be a world.

    Once there actually is a world of perception and cognition and stuff, then it is immediately limited by its very existence and its imminent death. So it is simply better to accept the profound limits of human existence, rather than talk about them, since that might make some people sad, that they may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and so forth, and so on.

    And so it is with control. That implies a limit on freedom, so people don’t want to hear about it. They want to hear that they are the center of the universe, and can do whatever they damn well please, torpedoes be damned at the same time. There’s only one problem: it’s a lie. Limits define us, by definition, and so are profound, and to be embraced, for that is the predestination that is so often secretly desired, almost as much as infinity, the two concepts of which are mutually exclusive, infinity and predestination.

    It’s almost like the Buddhists who believe in reincarnation at the same time that they believe in the present moment. You can’t do that, not without egregious assaults to fundamental logic and basic agreement of terms. And so avoidance of wrong actions is every bit as important as the execution of right actions. And if that is control, then so be it. Truth is more than a balanced equation. It is a balanced life…

  • hardie karges 4:31 pm on July 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Life is a Rorschach test, subject to interpretation.. 

    False leaders need throngs of followers and constant attention, Trump and Hitler and other mothers of invention. True leaders need nothing, and neither do true citizens. For we are not members of states, or cities, but communities, of like-minded individuals, fellow travelers and fellow followers, along the one indivisible path, leaders we all of that which lies below us, followers all of that which lies above, bound by highest common denominators, and sustained by our lowest, life liberty and the pursuit of something-not-suffering, born upon an uncertain path and left here to fend for ourselves, our aggregate personalities poorly defined and reinforced by logic, life as a Rorschach test and little more, selves replicated in lenses descending into infinite regress, or magnified in mirrors multiplied exponentially, we are but the product of our wildest dreams and demeanors, thrusting and parrying with our swollen pork-swords of ambition, dodging and denying with our sodden grottoes of perdition. This is our screenplay. This is our fate. If you’re scared of dying, then you aren’t really living…

    • Dave Kingsbury 4:13 pm on July 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      As we head into rocky waters it’s good to contemplate our vulnerability and consider ways of, er, pulling together – wise words once again – love your deployment of ‘mothers of invention’, btw!

    • hardie karges 5:00 pm on July 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Thanx, Dave…

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