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  • hardie karges 9:53 am on December 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Buddhist News Flash! Dogma Gets Run Over by Karma 

    Beat all dogma with the dullest of dull clubs and bury it six point six feet (two meters) under the ground, because Buddhism is better than that. Still the temptations are real, to establish a Buddhism comma INC that can generate ample funds for wayward monks and maybe send a kid or two to school in the process, or at least I hope so. Karma means actions, after all, and that’s almost always better than dogma.

    But the quest for certainty exists, as in all religions, that being their sine qua non, for lack of a better foreign expression to impress you with, haha. Because the only thing certain is the past, and we are its prisoner, if we let it rule us. So, its only use to us is as a guide, or a teacher, and isn’t that why we always chose someone older than us as our teachers? Their past is their certainty and the tool of their trade. But life must be lived, and not merely studied, like so many beans to be counted, while they find a path through us.

    And that’s why we focus on the present, with only an eye to the past, since what was right for that time has a reduced relevance and resonance for the present. Otherwise, we are committed to dogma and the predilections of the past, while the future is a new babe a-borning, and soon must be swaddled and fed. But these are only metaphors, of course, and if time really exists, then it probably has the same number of dimensions as space, namely one, so just here and now. Only one dimension is necessary to define a point, and that’s the point.

  • hardie karges 8:57 am on February 13, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    The human body is a temple by design, 

    halfway between heaven and earth. Thais try to help this process along by allocating extremely tall pointed hats to children as if they were antennas to keep them in touch with the man upstairs. Drug use is about returning to the world of light speed from which we came, to which we belong. It takes a certain escape velocity to break loose from Earth orbit. These efforts are misguided and doomed to failure, of course, but still not reprehensible. We all carry memories of that other world of time with us here in this world of space. They call drug use ‘getting spaced out’ but it might really be more like getting ‘timed out’, if users are really accessing that other world. If I want to get spaced out, I’ll hop on a jet. We’ve got all the space in the world here. We just don’t have much time. If there is a ghost or spirit world, then it might be just the opposite. They might have all the time in the world, but no space. The perfect world would have both. You just have to make the best of these fistulas and slow spots that comprise life as we know it.

  • hardie karges 6:36 am on January 8, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Time gets a raw deal, only one dimension instead of three, 

    and it had to lobby long and hard for that. Space gets to rest its big fat butt in three dimensions, length width and depth like a big reclining chair that can also be a sofa and can also be a bed like three dimensions of fucking off all day at the furniture barn. Space just licks its greasy-fried-chicken fingers and laughs at skinny little uni-dimensional time like an arrow always at odds with space, begging for crumbs on the floor. If anybody deserves three dimensions, it’s time, pregnant with past present and future. Try to get all that on a little line with an arrowhead on one end and a feather on the other. Space is just a simple container, a milk carton, a beer bottle, an oil tanker, a city, a continent, a planet, a solar system. Fill it with your favorite ingredients and shake well before using. Wha’d’ya’ got? Volume, stuff. Sounds like one dimension to me. More than one container? It’s still just stuff loosely connected to more stuff, Beaver in the breakfast nook, battles with battles, star wars, people gazing at planets, journeys between cities, points on planes, shaken not stirred. Space is mostly empty. Time is never empty. Space is just a point in time. Whether big or small, time just bends around it. Time covers all, everything that’s ever happened and everything that ever didn’t. Time is pure mathematics, the geometry of the past and the algebra of the future. Space can’t compete; still we maintain our sentimental attachment to it. It may not be the perfect dimension, but it’s our dimension.

    • its about time... 10:32 am on January 26, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Have you read the author Peter Carols theory(s) on ‘shadow time’, in relation to the science of (chaos)magick(s)? You might get a kick out of it. We have used these principles to perform retroactive magicks successfully.
      He introduced these ideas and equations in his ‘Liber Kaos’, Weiser ’92.(and expanded in later works)If your interested.

  • hardie karges 10:54 am on January 5, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    special relativity of travel 

    Time travel is the best kind.  You don’t have to move a muscle or start an engine.  You just flip the pages of memory and sit back and enjoy as images pass by on the projection screen of your mind’s eye.  There’s only one drawback; it involves getting old.  So, as with most of life itself, it all works out in the long run; the less you’re able to travel in space, the more you’re able to travel in time.  Don’t laugh at that old guy with spit dribbling down his chin; he’s trucking in his mind.  This world is science fiction, the fractal edge of the universe in the process of expansion, chaos meeting the void, waves crashing on the beach, the fragile border area between existence and non-existence.  This is Interzone, the international zone, the chaotic border where languages fall flat and desires become erect.   Modern standard Pidgin English is the lingua franca according to the fashions of the day, Chinese language torture, the tongue of half-baked smiles and crocodile tears.  This is science fiction; this is World War III; this is reality.  Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have no idea where I am.  I search an empty mind for the most recent memory, any memory, anything.  What’s a computer without an operating system?  Insert boot disk.  Finally a reference point emerges and the rest can be extrapolated.  Sometimes I wonder if a different memory had popped up, then maybe the entire extrapolated world would be different.  Is history constantly shifting its point of reference?  IS there such a thing as objective reality?

  • hardie karges 11:34 am on January 3, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Turning 50: Years, Countries, Jobs 

    To be alone in a sea of strange faces is not only natural, not only not dreadful, it’s heavenly, relying on the basic goodness of mankind, unlearning the violence inherent from our fathers’ mistakes.  Still the best part of travel is coming home to the nest, complete with mother and son, and shitting in it.  Sometimes I don’t need to travel; I just need to BE without direction or schedule, an extra in the movie with no lines to read.  I need no extra lines on my face to show my age, like a giant redwood lying shattered on the forest floor cut full girth across the grain of resistance, with no quarter-sawed comfy little beds and all their fibers lying smoothly between their teeth.  Fibers one and all had their lives cut short, perpendicularly open-ended ready for anything, large or small, objets d’art or mansions in the sky.  I need contrast, the constant zigzag between poles, both north and south.  The World’s Oldest Backpacker (WOB) hits 50 (countries, years old, states of mind) with no regrets and unrepentant.  Someone asked, “How long you been travelling?”  Thirty years and counting…. Turning fifty was just like old times, alone and lonely, abandoned by my friends, walking the streets of London without an umbrella or a prayer.  The rain hovers around me like weak soup, reminding me of why my ancestors left so long ago.  I find solace in a pasty pie and a pint, and I’m glad for it.  All that’s behind me now, older but wiser.

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