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    Buddhism 401: How Can we Live Peacefully Together… 


    Wat Langka in Phnom Penh

    …if we can’t live peacefully alone? Ha! You saw that coming, didn’t you? So did I, once it started gaining speed and shifting direction toward me, grinning like a devil in distress, dressed like an angel in red dress, armed with fleet feet and two gold teeth, androgynous anonymous autonomous and whispering soft incantations, interspersed with the most vile curses, carrying thunderbolts and poisoned letters in mysterious body parts only partially concealed, taking aim carefully counting as if measuring the distance, then…


    Wham! The thought struck me like a thunderbolt from the sky, knocking me down with its truth and simplicity, clear as a bell and as certain as death’s knell. Surely it’s been said before, but I don’t know where. I would feel guilty if I were to claim it as my own original idea, when it’s as simple and universal as it is startling and unequivocal. We are the cause of our own collective nightmares, and the solution to the problem is as simple to understand as it is difficult to execute, and almost certain to create self-searching… (More …)

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    Good things can happen for all the wrong reasons. If I had been more successful in business, then I wouldn’t be writing this tractatus right now. If jihad weren’t threatening the foundations of the western world, then capitalism might very well kill us all before it knows its limits. All revolutions go too far by definition, three hundred sixty degrees and you’re back where you started. Except that the entire plane where you started is also in revolution, so you actually come back to a different place in the larger plane, for better or worse, like the difference between tropical and sidereal years. An individual mind, ‘brain’ if you’re an absolute materialist, makes revolutions per minute on a good day, depending on the horsepower of your engine. There’s a world of free will on the inside, pure and innocent. Your wish is its command. The real world is not so naïve. It has a mind of its own. It can give and it can take away without explanation and no apparent causality. It’s larger than any of us individually.

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    Peru had its own Marxist tendencies for a long time, but that seems to have subsided now.  Not unlike the Shans in Burma and the FARC in Colombia, it’s sometimes hard to tell whether they’re revolutionaries or drug dealers.  The Shan claim they no longer deal drugs but that’s probably only because heroin is not ‘in’ like the 1990’s grunge era and the Afghanis are back in business, also, after being shut down by the Taliban.  Score one for capitalism.  Peru is one of the few countries in the world that’s had a leftist military coup.  Usually the army is in bed up to their necks with the rich and powerful.  Peru, like Thailand and Haiti among others, is one of those countries where logic falls short of explaining events, and sexuality plays a larger than average role, like gold during a currency crisis. 

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