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  • hardie karges 2:57 pm on June 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Trader Joe: Hipness in a Bag of Chips 

    Trader JoeTrader Joe charms me, a little bit of hippiness in every four walls, no matter whether downtown Hollywood or suburban Tucson. Just walk in and get a little jolt of the 60’s, in a heartbeat.  So when a customer asked me where to find a certain product, “You DO work here, don’t you,” I don’t know whether to be flattered or disgusted so I guess I’ll just be amused… I was carrying a basket BTW… They’ve always got a good selection of wine, of course, and beers, and other rites of passage from youth to adulthood, spring into summer, Europe into America, not to mention free shots of coffee, and hors d’oeuvre, sweet nothings, side jobs, no-brainers, baguettes and blog-ettes…

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    When hippies flooded into India during the 60’s, 

    the Indo-European migration came full circle, complete with epicycles. Not only did the original tribes expand from some unknown center reaching India and Europe, but Gypsies changed their minds and went to Europe from India. Then, of course, the hippies left their tracks and traces, albeit more symbolically than numerically, going to India from Europe. The original language spread even farther than the people themselves, Sanskrit splitting into as many languages or more than its Roman cousin and spreading vocabulary even farther into the South Pacific. Unfortunately oil and water are slow to mix, but seem content to languish in their potential for a spicy vinaigrette, or, in other words, racism. Any pretense to some other social distinction is pure fiction. India’s caste system is based on skin color, pure and simple, as if that were some sort of genetic threshold. I suspect it has more to do with solar exposure than pure genetics, regardless. Thus the original Dravidian-speaking inhabitants were pushed further south and further down the social stratum in favor of the Aryan newcomers, a system which will likely continue into eternity.

  • hardie karges 6:54 am on October 30, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    I miss the experimentalism and spiritualism of the good ol’ hippie days. 

    It used to be that everybody was either on a fast or meditating or Rolfing or tripping or getting head or going homosexual or something all the time. People call it the “60’s”, but really what I know was the “70’s”, and that’s probably more accurate for the experience that was inspirational to me. Though I was hardly old enough to get the full 60’s experience up close, still I got it, even in Mississippi, ESPECIALLY in Mississippi, if you really want the full dose of early ‘60’s racial politics also, and it was violent, revolutions per minute. Riots were literally a way of life, first racial, then anti-war, but mostly anti-draft. The long hair hippie thing really didn’t hit with full force and full extent until about 1970, anyway, and it was mostly drug-oriented and superficially political at first. Woodstock occurred in 1969, remember, and we were out of Vietnam by 1973. Still ‘the Movement’ carried its weight until at least 1980, when long hair became more of a symbol for rednecks and heavy metal ‘hair bands’ than hippies, who, losing their hair anyway, either went straight or low-key. Meanwhile a new generation of non-conformists ‘went punk’ or listened to alternative ‘college rock’ or reverted to hard-core Grateful dead hippie nostalgia. The music and other cultural aspects were really what it was all about all the time, anyway. Nothing can compare with the 60’s and 70’s for that, and I doubt ever will, though I keep listening.

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