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    Europe has multiplied and divided until there’s no cards left to shuffle, so time to deal. If Europe can indeed unite, they’ll be pulling off the greatest political turnaround in history, from World Wars to world government with a stroke of the pen and a shrug of the shoulders. The fruits of capitalism can overcome a multitude of sins, but it’s first come first served. The guy who owns the stadium definitely has the home court advantage. India is like Europe without the money, so an easy target for cheap shots. Is there something in Indo-European language that lends itself to divisiveness, individuality, and caste systems? Loosely divided into two major races and more strictly divided into two major religions, India has as many languages derived from Sanskrit as Europe has from Latin, and ends up relying on English to get by. Ditto for Europe. Go fig.

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    It’s a good time to be a Communist, now that it’s totally discredited and can be re-discussed without mention of the Soviet Union. The Soviets never had a clue as to what they were doing, but Marx definitely did. He might have even been half right. Societies have come a long way over the last five thousand years in terms of human rights and physical wellbeing. Even Chomsky will admit that. The problem is that there is no guarantee of further improvement. Slavery only became eradicated when it became clear that there were better ways to reduce people into draft animals; i.e. cram them into cities. Communism is great at distributing wealth; it’s not so good at creating it. Europe did better with their social democracies, a multi-level system that allowed for individual initiative while still providing a vast umbrella and safety-net for everyone in society. That kept the Communists at bay, but put Europe at a competitive disadvantage with a resurgent US and UK, and a rising Asia, where labor unions are weak or non-existent. Though paralyzing labor strikes seem to have diminished sharply in the last twenty years simultaneous with the death of Communism, all is not well. Too many people in the US are either filthy rich or filthy poor, falling through the cracks, mitigated only by the vastness of the country and the fact that there are plenty of places to fall. Europe is more egalitarian; it has to be. Europe is probably the next best hope for mankind.

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    The Death of America, the Re-Birth of Europe 

    It’s Europe’s turn to lead the world again, not as English or French or Greeks or Romans, but at the head of a united Europe that returns something to Russia that it took away from the Soviets, and respects its status as a major player in the community of nations.  America is not fit to rule the world any more.  They’ve made too many deals with too many devils, mostly previously under the guise of Soviet containment and anti-Communism, now mostly under the guise of increased oil flow.  When American tanks rolled over the Arabian Desert and into Iraq for the second time, they crossed the line.  The Afghan War was justified, slimly, to remove a Taliban regime that sustained al-Qaeda.  The Iraq War was not.  At that point al-Qaeda won in its quest to remove America as world leader.  If I were a Conspiracy Nut, I might think they planned it that way, themselves having no great love for Saddam Hussein.  Not that it’ll make any difference with respect to Israel; it won’t.  Israel is a fait accompli, and no more than a pretext for the current jihad worldwide.  But if Europe can unite, they’ll have accomplished something that’s never been done in history, which means they’ll have the moral upper hand to lead the world and set an example.  America did that once, until wars of independence became a rite of passage for a developing country.  Europe is now fighting a war of inter-dependence.  If they succeed, then look for a united South America, United Turkistan, etc.  FTA’s are a major step in that direction already.  America has gone too far in its excesses and its negligence.  European corporate executives don’t make a billion dollars a year.  Europe doesn’t leave half of its population without health insurance.  When Americans voted for George W. Bush in 2004, they voted for ignorance, greed, and selfishness.  Now the bill is due.

    • Stiv 7:28 pm on April 19, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, but you’ll be “leading the world” as Eurabia not really Europe any longer. The weakness of Europe has allowed that to happen. Have fun with that.

  • hardie karges 7:55 am on March 19, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Cultural Relativity 

    Europeans are internalized, Americans external.  Multi-lingualism leads to useless complexity and introversion.  Uni-lingualism allows mental space to be devoted to other things, like science and technology, without devoting so much effort to translation and bad grammar.  There are two broad fields of knowledge in the world from which all others derive: mathematics and linguistics, on the surface at polar extremes from each other, mathematics revealing knowledge of the other, linguistics revealing knowledge of each other.  In reality the two are not so different from each other, linguistics with a strong logico-mathematical basis, math also capable of a distinct relativity of perspective.  They both thrive on the little stick-men of culture that live in the pages of books, on the pages of experiment.  Numbers and letters are not so different, really.  Everything else is derivative knowledge, recipes for fulfillment and short histories of nearly everything.  The thing is in the name, a convenient substitute for the thing itself, virtual reality in graphic symbols.  It’s like my movie scripts.  Nobody wants them; they just want the titles: “Good Day to Die”, “Virus”, “Reality Check”, and “Lost in Time”, my names just hung on any old shit piece of work. 

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    Europeans aren’t content to smoke themselves to death; they want to make sure you smell their butts also.  The lady in the buffet line in Madrid smokes a cigarette while she peruses the entrees, ash dangling off the end of the ember precariously.  British pubs smell like death warmed over, old Las Vegas, broken hearts and broken dreams, all your failures splayed out before you with a splash tray to catch the liquids gone astray.  Italians lean on the counter, coffee in one hand and cig in the other.  Let ‘em sit down and they’ll never leave.  French twirl cigarettes like batons leading the band of romantic endeavors.  It’s all changing, but I won’t miss it, unless it’s all a sinister plot to shut down the Amsterdam coffeehouses.  Even though I hardly smoke pot anymore, and am rather pathetic when I do, that’s a point of progress not to be undone.  The first time I was in an Amsterdam coffeehouse, I took a couple hits, then had to leave, weaving my way back to a hotel that I could barely find, trying to insert my key in a lock that kept moving the closer I got.  I finally made it through the door and into my room, literally crashing down on to the bed as the universe spun around me, and the lights ‘did funny’ for the next two hours.  Not only did I not make it to the bathroom to piss, I could barely make it to the sink.  Russians come to Amsterdam and think they’ve found the Promised Land, no milk and honey, just cannabis and hashish.  The wizard behind the counter mixes weeds instead of drinks.  Of course there’s always a backlash and some new places proudly advertise ‘no drugs’.  Worse than that, though, are the bozos right off the bus ready to show off their newfound freedom, toking up in the Burger King.  French police wait with dogs in the Paris bus terminal waiting to greet buses from Amsterdam.  Apparently they’re threatened by the whole thing in the heartland of liberte’.  Somehow the picture of lovers smoking joints over candlelight just doesn’t work, I guess.  Of course, they’re so anal that they’ve learned how to fart with their mouths.

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    European History 

    Europe is a living museum, tourists crawling through the bowels where Romans tortured Christians before Christians tortured Protestants, where the English passed laws and the Germans baked bread.  It’s ironic that one of the most technologically advanced cultures in the world does more than almost any other to preserve its past.  This is easily justified by the large numbers of tourists it attracts, but I doubt that that is the reason.  Preservation is expensive.  To tear down and rebuild is relatively cheap.  It’s hard to find any architecture in a modern Chinese city over a hundred years old, far fewer the Renaissance-era buildings ubiquitous in Europe.  And China is probably the most socially conservative nation in the world, remember.  It is also probably the most face-conscious, that is, pretentious.  They want to be seen as the wave of the future, for whatever that’s worth, probably not much, aesthetically.  Europe is proud of its artistic and cultural heritage, and so preserves it.  So would be America, if it had any.  It’s just too young.  Europeans like to rag on America’s lack of refinement and culture, but that’s just jealousy at America’s rapid rise to the top of the world heap politically, economically, and culturally.  America is more creative than the rest of the world put together, by far.  Most of the world’s patents go to America, with Japan coming in second.  In terms of popular culture, there’s no contest.  America almost single-handedly creates the world’s movies and music.  Africa’s got the animals and Asia’s got the girls.  But for history, you go to Europe. 

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